Darxide EMP


Inventivity ports 3D space shooter game Darxide EMP to the mobile arena for Frontier Developments Ltd.

This high performance, full 3D, fast paced shooting action game was originally developed in a collaboration between Inventivity's Peter Irvin and Frontier's David Braben for the Sega Megadrive 32X gaming console, and was voted best 32X game.

It has now been enhanced and optimised for mobile devices.

From release it was awarded the highest accolade by the industry press for its playability and technological achievement:

"This will probably be the best investment you ever make for your Series 60 phone. Anyone mention Game of the Year?!"

5 / 5 games-art

"What makes Darxide special is its technical splendor… hours of entertainment, which is rare for most mobile games… the setting is awesome"

81% Wireless Games Review

"Possibly the best game available for Pocket PC… It looks great and plays great - what more is there to say?"

100% InfoSync

Visit Frontier's Darxide EMP page for more information or to buy Darxide EMP for various platforms: www.frontier.co.uk