Amiga Exile Keyboard controls:

Key Function
R Remember current teleport location
T Teleport to previous remembered position
S Store held object in pocket
G Get next object from pocket
M Drop item
, Pick up item
. Throw item
O Raise aiming angle
K Lower aiming angle
I Centralize aiming angle
U Whistle 1
Y Whistle 2
TAB Turn
LEFT CTRL Lie down
Caps Lock Booster on/off (and the '[' key)
Backspace   Last message
Delete Pause
Page Down Load/save menu
Space       Options menu
Shift+F-key Transfer energy TO the currently selected weapon, FROM the weapon selected by this F-key
F1 Pistol
F2 Icer
F3 Blaster
F4 Plasma gun
F6 Protection suit
F7 Jetpack
F8 Toggle display scroll mode
F10 Change display language